Keyboard and Op Art

Blanka Matragi was stored in the minds of Czech people as a designer unaffordable for normal population, as a designer for princesses whose dresses cost millions. This myth, however, Blanka decided to refute: "I know that my creation is admired by many people who are not able to afford the Haute Couture dresses, which are just matter for collectors. So I came up with my Read-to-Wear collection so that everyone loving fashion may purchase something from Matragi," says designer. These words were converted into action. In record time, she mastered to create financially affordable collection that was presented in her Prague boutique.

When creating a collection, the designer was inspired by keyboard motif, which was undertaken from her current Haute Couture collection. Another timeless pattern was inspired by Op Art, which, due to its variability, allows virtually unlimited use and transformation into still new models.

The collection includes everything the modern woman needs. It includes pants, tunics, tops, dress, as well as accessories such as handbags, belts and shoes, from which it is possible to build a comfortable and elegant outfit for work. For the afternoon relax in a fitness centre, leggings, sweatshirts and scarves, which are produced from easily maintainable materials.


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