25th Anniversary

If someone complained about the lack of glamour and repute in Czech fashion design, celebration of 25th anniversary of creation of Blanka Matragi stopped it. The magnificent fashion show, during which 51 Haute Couture models were presented, did down in history of Czech fashion. The same success was experienced at retrospective exhibition of evening and wedding dresses visited by 82,000 visitors within three weeks, who stood for hours in line for tickets to be able to see with their own eyes the now notorious Blanka’s "butterfly dress". The interest of the public supported the release of author’s autobiography with laconic title "Blanka Matragi".


Direction & Production

 Blanka Matragi
Project Coordination Via Perfecta
Artistic Supervision Daniel Dvořák
Stage Production Tomáš Michalec
Sound & Lightening Design No1
Music DJ Jade
Model Management Czechoslovak models
Roman Jiráň
Make up Lucia Gibodová
Hair Styling Jiřina Pahlerová


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